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Without hesitation or a word of protest, the eighteen year old wrapped her arms around her mother and began to cry into her shirt. Leaning down, she traced a fiery trail of nips and kisses down his neck and across his hardened chest while her teasing fingers slid lightly down his arms to his sides, her nails scraping his sensitive areas as they went. So taken with the pleasure and thrilled by the risk of getting caught in such a compromising position, he completely missed the sly smile that spread across Videl's lips between licks. It was something she and Videl had bought almost a year ago, but now Gohan wished it had been older, much older. It was one of those moments she could only dream about but never believed it could come true; the most powerful man in the galaxy turned to a withering mass just by her simplest touch.

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Quickly gathering her wits before they sank to deep in the pleasure haze, Videl took her husband's hands off her body before pushing herself off his lap.

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With a sultry glance, Videl said "Well Pan, while I would like to trust your father to control himself, there is a rather large chance that he may get carried away again," At that she glared over her shoulder at Gohan "So I thought I better take control of this little lesson. This Link May be Unsafe. Pulling away from his daughter, Gohan couldn't move to see who was stroking him, only lie there and let the feelings wash over him. Oh it feels so fuckin' good! He was trying to organise his thoughts when he heard a series of soft, alluring moans from within the girl's room. However this was the first time she'd ever seen such an impressive example and she was certain that most men were nowhere near as big as that which had been placed before her eyes.

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