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Then it slowly started to enter him as if it could sense that Cody was ready. Zack also knew about gay sex but had never seen it done. Zack was wearing tight boxers, pulling up a pair of skin tight jeans and then putting a baggy t-shirt over his upper body. He was surprised the jeans fit, but the t-shirt was a size too small for his liking and clung to his body. While Cody was being fucked by the machine, two robot arms had found their way into Zack's boxers and started playing with Zack while he was forced to watch Cody get fucked.

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And it slowly pumped its way in and out of Cody's ass until about ten minutes later it started pounding Cody's ass with full force and Cody was moaning in pleasure.

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There had to be at least six or eight of them surrounding Cody. Zack couldn't believe what he was seeing. Two of the robot arms grabbed Zack from behind and gently lowered him onto his now cum covered brother. Just In All Stories: But then quickly shoved itself back in and then out and then in and then out.

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