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There's a problem loading this menu right now. If a man's partner is present for either variation of this, allow her the fun of aiming the stream for you. Cleanup from May All pages needing cleanup Articles with unsourced statements since June All articles with unsourced statements Paraphilia Psychological conditions Sexual acts Urine. The supposed indications for urine therapy, ancient or contemporary, are too numerous to recite. People have been utilizing urine and full-bladder sensations for centuries as ways to enhance and arouse sexual pleasure. Get to Know Us. Carefully select where you will be engaging in the activity so you can avoid extra laundry or worse messes.

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Usually wanting to wee on someone or wanting to be weed on, some just love watching people urinate or wet themselves.

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I love this book and had already read a neighbors copy and so I wanted a copy of my own. You even buy urine gags, a gag with a silicone urinal attached, so you literally become a human toilet. There could be a million different reasons a person might be into this and a million different types of people with the interest. Practice ahead of time, timing how long it takes water to hit your bladder, to ensure your comfort. Kroon does an excellent job of giving the history of urine therapy and the implementation thereof.

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  1. I thought it was an anal skin tag at first, but I think it's a piece of toilet paper.