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It's not like it's just a throwaway line in popular movies, either. Related Items fertility reproductive health week slut-shaming. Fields lamented new social norms that assume that multiple children burden the goals of educated, professional women: Some of the social developments that accompanied this change have been great. It seems so weird that we're in an era where the slightest hint of criticism of promiscuity is responded to by shouts of "slut shaming! A major part of being a woman is our ability to create and bear children.

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We're told that Brick "I Love Lamp" Tamlandthe character played by Steve Carrellnow works for the White House and has 11 children and is actually mentally retarded.

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Fertility Shaming: ‘It’s A Vagina, Not A Clown Car’

Sure, Palin is a polarizing figure. One of the radical changes that happened in the last century or so was that fertility came to be viewed as a type of biological slavery rather than a natural human capacity. But other mothers of more than a few children report similar comments. When she told her boss at the college where she taught that she was pregnant with her fifth, he said "This is what, your 9th or 10th? It's not like it's just a throwaway line in popular movies, either. To give but one examplehow's this:. You're not looked down on for being childless or having a smaller family — indeed, my folks only had three children — but large families are considered cool.

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car clown its not vagina
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car clown its not vagina
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