Dopamine and male orgasm

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It has been suggested that pelvic muscle exercises, particularly the bulbocavernosus and ischiocavernosus muscles, through contracting those muscles 60 times, 3 times daily for 6 weeks will enhance the pleasure associated with orgasm Hormonal and behavioural correlates of emotional states in sexually trained boars. Nadelhaft I, Booth AM. Sensory and motor areas in the brain play an important role in the ejaculation, which requires a highly coordinated and integrated central process. Sexual function in spinal cord injury men. Estradiol plays an important role in the regulation of the emission phase of ejaculation through the regulation of epididymal contractility, luminal fluid reabsorption, and sperm concentration

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Corona G, Maggi M.

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Science Blogs

In this article, we summarize the current literature on the physiology of orgasm and ejaculation, starting with a brief description of the anatomy of sex organs and the physiology of erection. Owman C, Stjernquist M. The external sphincter and the pelvic musculature are under somatic control; however, there is no evidence that voluntary control plays a role in the expulsion process Ejaculation is a physiological process heavily controlled by the autonomic nervous system. The selective D2 dopamine receptor antagonist eticlopride counteracts the ejaculatio praecox induced by the selective D2 dopamine agonist SND in the rat. These findings suggest that thyroid hormones do not only affect the ankle reflex, but also the ejaculatory reflex, and screening patients with ejaculatory dysfunction for thyroid hormone abnormalities is warranted Mulhall JP, Hsiao W, editors.

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dopamine and male orgasm
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dopamine and male orgasm
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