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Shot in a studio Big flight. Save Try Share Edit. Shot in black and white detail of the sculpture on the facade of this historic building cemetery representing some characters Little naked angels playing music. I have a companion but I cant figure it out if its a he or she. I had a dream that I would normally call crazy maybe actions of watching a movie the night before. I have dreamt of transparent angels against a blue sky too! Handsome male angel Cupid looking for something with binoculars.

It looks at me a moment more and flys away.

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Then suddenly i wake up. I had a dream last night about singing and dancing with the angel, I can vividly see the robe and the wings but a did not see the face, we are holding hands happy going circle and I was looking up above, please let me know your interpretation about it. He approached me in a calm way and I was silent I noticed he had big eyes and light hair he told me he heard my prayers about wanting peace, I believe I was getting upset and I fell to my knees then I woke up. Can you tell me what is your understanding on my dream. I didnt even see her face. I can still feel his lips on mine.

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