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Sounds like they may have won the genetic lottery. Although redheads are only a small fraction of the world's population, they're over-represented in television commercials, according to a study conducted by social and traditional media analysis firm Upstream Analysis. How's that for evidence that everyone loves a ginger? What mysteries are contained within their fair, carrot-topped bodies? They are the two percent Shutterstock. When you spray perfume or apply scented oil to ginger skin, it smells different than it does on blondes or brunettes.

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By extension, then, gingers don't need to spend as much time in the sun as others do to hit their needed vitamin D levels.

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That's also why redheads have to be careful in the sun, as they're more sensitive to sunlight due to the lack of eumelanin. In addition to that, the study also concluded that redheads are more resistant to lidocaine, a local anesthetic, than the rest of us. What mysteries are contained within their fair, carrot-topped bodies? For one, on top of not being able to tan well, redheads are more susceptible to developing skin cancers like melanoma, according to Science Daily. That's a good thing, considering how sensitive to the sun people with pale skin can be. That's because their skin mantle the invisible, sebaceous layer over the skin is more acidic than everyone else's.

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