Swinging from the chandeliers

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James West does this during a Bar Brawl. She went up the stairs, Stood up on the vanity chair, Tied her lamee belt around the chandelier, And went out kicking at the perfumed air. Excuse me, could, uh, could somebody give me a push, please? Curtains may be climbed. Spike does this in order to kick Buffy in the face during their Destructo-Nookie in "Smashed". Of course, Guybrush gets to use the sugar later.

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Task Force Games' Musketeers game allowed characters to perform one of these swashbuckling activities as a combat action.

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Chandelier Swing

One of them misjudges the swing and ends up flying out a window. In Going Postalchandelier swinging is one of the elements mentioned during a discussion of bar-brawling tactics. The stunt went wrong and Robert Conrad about broke his neck. World 3 allows Fancy Pants Man to jump from one swinging chandelier in the pirate ship level to another as jump-initiated moving platforms. In the climactic battle in Wind in the WillowsToad swings on a chandelier to save his friends from getting killed by Winky and the weasels. Epic Mickey has entire levels devoted to swinging from chandelier to chandelier.

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swinging from the chandeliers
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swinging from the chandeliers
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