Cartman fighting midget

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South Park season 11 List of South Park episodes. Stan goes to school the next day, knowing his father had just said the N-word over live television. Why is Family Guy popular? Archived from the original on March 15, Meanwhile, a dwarf has a hard time trying to teach Cartman to be sensitive. As Cartman gloats about his victory, Dr.

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He is clearly embarrassed by this, claiming it was a joke, and that Cartman failed to break him.

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Cartman Fights a Midget - Video Clip | South Park Studios UK & Ireland

Meanwhile, a dwarf has a hard time trying to teach Cartman to be sensitive. Nelson talks to Principal Victoria and Mr. Parker and Stone had wanted to create an episode centered on the racial slur "nigger" for a considerable time. He tells Token that he will never understand how it feels to have the N-word against him because he isn't black which was what Token was looking to hear all along and they reconcile. Upon entering, he is almost immediately laughed at and mocked by Cartman, which Nelson dismisses believing he'll stop eventually. He does seem to have little concern over his condition if he is not teased about it too much, and constantly claims that he feels "Words are like bullets, and I let them pass straight through me.

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cartman fighting midget
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cartman fighting midget
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