I want to ruin his orgasm

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She enjoys knowing her slave obeys her in every detail. The clothespin will HOLD and only come off with a fight or alcohol. After such an orgasm takes me half a day to back on-line. I cannot react in any way, and must continue to have normal conversation with her, or makes me tell her how submissive i feel and how my cock belongs to my mistress. Learn how your comment data is processed. Here is my technique. The moment any spasm is detected, she lets go.

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That a man could be made to ejaculate without orgasm was startling.

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What is a Ruined Orgasm and Why Would I Want One?

See Originally posted Anonymous May 21, at 8: While it varies from person to person, pain will often improve the orgasm for the sub. Hi, I always eager to learn new techniques to ruin male orgasm. Is it bad for you, no. If I have been less than satisfactory, I will be given a ruined orgasm, which to me is worse than no orgasm at all.

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i want to ruin his orgasm
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i want to ruin his orgasm

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