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She has such a high biological stake in the outcome of mating that she must select the best possible male. Zahavi,The sex act, and his participation, being so brief, doesn't have to be of any great interest to her. The cervix is another name for the neck of the womb. Explicatio tabularum anatomicarum Bartholomaei Eustachii, anatomici summi' by Bernardi Siegfried Albini. He applies, she decides.

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First, the pride wastes no strength and resources on raising inferior cubs.

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Scientists Discover New Kind Of Sexual Organ

What possible effect could these have on reproduction? In species where the hectocotylus is missing, the "penis" is long and able to extend beyond the mantle cavity and transfer the spermatophores directly to the female. An organism is a combination of elements such as carbon, iron, hydrogen, potassium, sodium, etc. And, although humans have a conscious overlay of intelligence and culture, deep down in the subconscious, we have the same drive to reproduce our kind. The vagina is attached to the uterus through the cervixwhile the uterus is attached to the ovaries via the fallopian tubes. There was a problem completing your request. For example, a female cockroach releases pheramones a chemical scent when she's sexually ready that draws males from everywhere.

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sex organ of aasin
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sex organ of aasin

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