Ca arrestee strip search law

This Court and other courts have on several occasions addressed the question whether "security concerns" inherent in placing prisoners together in the same facilities justify strip searches. The second is a strip search for institutional security in the jail or lock-up setting. This guidebook will assist officers in preparing for critical tasks as well as provide a checklist of the necessary elements to support officer conduct. The first is a strip search for evidence. Ventura County, F. In all cases where a strip search is justified, the manner in which the search takes place must also be reasonable in order to meet 4th Amendment standards. Upon returning he underwent a strip search.

The greatest liability exposures created by strip searches are those searches that occur when persons are booked into a jail.

Is everyone who enters jail subject to a strip search, even when the charged offense is minor?

In this case, the court concluded that the misdemeanor charge of being under the influence of drugs was insufficient to support reasonable suspicion to believe that the suspect was concealing additional drugs. The search must be performed by a deputy of the same sex as the detainee, and it involves no touching. Institutional security concerns, standing alone, even when the suspect is to be placed with other prisoners in a holding area or general population is insufficient to support reasonable suspicion. Legal Guide for Law Enforcement: Wood was viewed when undergoing a clothing search procedure which involved the removal of all clothes prior to entry into the jail and was viewed while showering as required by this process. Noelle Way was arrested after an officer noted that she had dilated pupils, a nervous attitude, a rapid pulse rate and rapid speech. Hancock County Sheriffs Dept.

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