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Other large scale groups appear in both Buffy and Angel, often as antagonists to the heroes due to differing views on how to fight the good fight. The Slayers bring Spike's plan, to host a massive killing spree for Dru's "coming out party," down around his ears. Any who remained were vanquished or imprisoned in the "Deeper Well", which is essentially a hole in the Earth with one end opening in England. Buffy rebuffs Spike's advances, and he comforts her after first thinking of killing her. Angel glared down, blood dripping from his mouth.

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After all, he'd caused a great deal trouble tonight, and had a hell of a lot of fun in the process.

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'Buffy the Vampire Slayer's David Boreanaz used to get completely naked on set - a lot

You are an idiot. B - " Doublemeat Palace ". Willow and Tara reconcile, and Tara tells Willow that Spike and Buffy have been sleeping together; Buffy stops The Trio when attempting a large-scale theft, but Warren manages to escape with a jetpack. He gripped Faith's back as hard as he would with another vampire, and when she didn't respond, he dug into her harder. When I get fixed back I'm going to tear your kidneys out through your eyes!

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