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DC Comics was not messing around when they announced that their new publishing imprint, DC Black Label, would include mature and uncensored content. Before the ubiquity of infrared goggles, military research projects dating back to the s tested infrared vision in rats. But not all experts are as critical. Licina and Tibbetts hope to get their study published in a reputable journal, but Ver Hoeve of the University of Wisconsin had some concerns about their methodology. The experimenters hypothesized that increased A2 might lower the range of wavelengths that these cones can absorb, extending from visible light down into the infrared spectrum.

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Kim Kardashian is nothing if not fascinating in the truest sense of the word.

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Can We Hack Our Vision To See Infrared With The Naked Eye?

Facebook has an ongoing war on boobs. Twitch, one of gaming's most popular streaming platforms, has a strict policy when it comes to streaming games with sexual content; any game with nudity as a "core focus or feature" will get the streamer in hot water. People who want to improve how humans function span the full range of invasiveness, from gym rats who chug protein shakes to biohobbyists slicing open their flesh in basements. But the protocol also had some unexpected side effects, like reduced appetite and emotional instability, Licina said. They wanted to push the boundaries of human capabilities, like many before them, but they wanted to also demystify the scientific process behind it. Licina and Tibbetts planned to override this function by replacing their regular consumption of vitamin A found in dairy products and some vegetables with vitamin A2a version of vitamin A that humans don't typically consume. Indie developer Robert Yang, whose games often include sexual themes, nudity, and social commentary about the gay community, has earned the dubious honor of becoming one of Twitch's most-banned developers.

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