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Perhaps she should carry her receipt around to prove it. Please expand the article to include this information. Retrieved 23 July The crowd clears when the policeman places the hand in the box previously carried by the young man and gives it to the young woman. Film scholar Ken Dancyger has argued that Un Chien Andalou might be the genesis of the filmmaking style present in the modern music video.

The young woman looks at the first young man with disgust, and leaves the apartment sticking her tongue out at him.

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The first young man sneers at her as she retreats and wipes his mouth off his face with his hand. However, the film abruptly cuts to the final shot with a title card reading "In Spring," showing the couple buried in beach sand up to their elbows, motionless and perhaps dead. The Persistence of Memory: Un Chien Andalou has no plot in the conventional sense of the word. Maybe we should respect each other's right to choose, focus on ourselves, live and let live. A cut occurs to the young woman from the first scene, who has been reading in a sparingly furnished upstairs apartment.

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  1. could be a blackout. if you go to prison and have certain tattoos but arent part of certain gangs you got to black that shit out or remove it some other way. could also just be a sleeve he regrets getting and was to cheap or broke ass to have removed.